Best WordPress Backup Plugin

Below are the most popular plugins for WordPress backup, cloning and migration they vary in flexibility, functionality and price. Depending on your needs and resources you can choose from simple one-click WordPress cloning tool to Top-Shelf, all-in-one WordPress backup solution with all the possible bells and whistles.

Backup Creator

Backup Creator is the simplest WordPress backup and cloning plugin to use – there are no settings to configure, no external scripts to manage… If you can upload a plugin – you can clone and backup your WordPress blog with Backup Creator. I wouldn’t suggest buying Backup Creator as your primary WordPress backup tool because there are better tools available like BackupBuddy but to buy Backup Creator for its cloning capabilities. Backup Creator makes cloning WordPress blogs super easy and beats every cloning plugin out there; you can read full Backup Creator review here.

WP Twin

WP Twin is being sold and praised as ultimate tool for cloning WordPress sites but it is not the best bang for a buck because it fades in comparison with WP Twin and BackupBuddy. If you need simple tool for cloning WordPress blogs – you better of buying Backup Creator as it offers same functionality at very affordable price. If you need full-blown, mature WordPress backup solution – add $50 and get backupBuddy that beats WP Twin in every aspect; you can read full WP Twin review here.

Backup Buddy

BackupBuddy was released on February 11 2010 and since then have seen over 120 updates, right now it the most mature and flexible solution for WordPress backup, cloning, migration and restore. If you want to know why it is considered the best WordPress backup plugin read my BackupBuddy review here.